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Packaging and Shipping
We work with you to deliver a compound that fits your fabrication equipment. To minimize handling at your fabrication operation, Momentive Custom Elastomers can be preformed to a variety of shapes and dozens of standard dimensions. Options include preformed pellets with tolerances of 0.2 grams, logs with diameters up to 8 inches, pigs, wigwags, coil strips, or sheets.

Our packaging and labeling options are diverse and designed to help minimize handling and waste at your facility. From syringes to special boxes, we are committed to working with you to identify a material solution that helps meet your performance needs and helps satisfy your packaging requirements.

Your custom solution within days.
Within 24 hours of your request, expect a response from a professional Momentive technical staff member.

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Momentive Custom Elastomers offers a proprietary portfolio of high-performance materials developed to meet your needs... quickly.

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